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Enjoy the fresh air, big sky and fresh produce that flourishes at Jossy Farms. Jossy Farms is a U-pick farm specializing in apples and pears during the summer and Hazelnuts in the fall. We offer Gravenstein and Early Gold Apples along with Red Clapp and Bartlett Pear varieties. Washed and dried Hazelnuts & Walnuts are available for sale during the month of November (in-shell or cracked).

Harvest Information (recorded line): 503-647-5234


Important crop Update



Our opening day for the 2019 Apple and Pear Harvest will be Friday August 2nd at 9:00am. We will be open for Red Clapp and Bartlett Pears, Gravenstien and Early Gold Apples. Jossy Farms does not have any peaches.
Price is $1.25/lb for u-pick fruit.
Sunflowers are also in bloom!


Hazelnuts and Walnuts





our mission

It is our goal to grow the best quality fruit and nuts at a reasonable price, maintain the cleanest orchard and provide the best service of any direct market farm. While achieving this goal we will be good stewards of our land.

- Bob Jossy, Farmer/Owner


Hazelnut and walnut orders Will be available at Station 26 this November.

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