Jossy Farms, Inc

31965 NW Beach Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Harvest Information 503.647.5234

It is our goal to grow the best quality fruit, maintain the cleanest orchard, and provide the best service of any direct market farm.

Family Farm since 1885.

The 2014 peach season will begin with Red Haven and Flaming Fury peaches on Monday, July 21. It's a great crop and we hope to be open most days, 9 am - 6 pm, but we are only open when ripe fruit are available. We plan on being open every day through Saturday, July 26 from 9 am - 6 pm. Please double check before coming out by calling our harvest phone line (503.647.5234), or visiting our Facebook webpage. The U-pick price is $1.00/lb.

We anticipate Gravenstein apples will be ripe around July 30, Veteran peaches; August 7, and Bartlett pears; August 10. Of course these dates are subject to the weather.

Harvest Information: 503.647.5234

U-Pick Etiquette:

  • The U-pick price is $1.00/lb.
  • Please bring your own containers (no bags; they bruise the fruit).
  • Leave your four-legged furry friends at home. We work hard to keep the orchards clean.
  • The picking is within easy reach, no ladders needed.
  • Peach carts are provided so you can pick directly from the tree into your container (less handling = fewer bruises).
  • Cash or check only.

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