Generations of Farming

Oregon Farmers since 1885. 

In 1885 Peter Jossy moved to Helvetia Oregon from Grindlewald Switzerland. He bought a farm that is now 2 miles from Sunset Highway.

Son buys the family farm

Fred Jossy, the 5th oldest son bought the grain and dairy farm from his father Peter and operated it until 1953. Fred and his wife Anne had 3 sons. The two oldest sons, Earl and Don, attended Oregon State University alumni and became agriculture extension agents. Dick, the youngest son, continued to run the original farm in Helvetia. In 1956, Don purchased a 50 acre farm on Beach Road. and within a year became a full time farmer. In 1968, the 3 sons divided the original Helvetia farm.

Don and Emma plant the first peach trees

In 1970, unable to find peaches that Don and his wife, Emma, liked, they planted 4 peach trees. The following spring, two of the trees had died. With this success, in 1973, Don planted 150 more peach trees.

U-Pick peach orchard is planted

Don and Emma have 3 daughters and 1 son. In 1976, Don and his son Bob became partners in Jossy Farms. In 1980, the Veteran peach orchard was planted by Bob's house as a U-pick orchard. Three years later, the first U-pick peaches were sold. Prior to that, all the peaches had been picked and packed by the family.

Orchards are expanded

Today, Jossy Farms includes 195 acres and the original plot of land settled in 1885. The crops harvested are:

  • 120-acres of hazelnuts
  • 50-acres of seed crops
  • 20-acres of apple, peach, and pear trees
  • 5-acres of walnuts

Sixth generation farmers

Bob has three daughters whom are involved with various aspects of the farm, including managing the nut sale business in November. Bob’s three granddaughters are fortunate enough to grow up on the farm and are 6th generation Washington County Jossy farmers.