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Family Favorite Recipes
Red Haven Peaches

First peach of the season. Excellent for eating. Cans and freezes well. Needs to be blanched and some years is difficult to get off the pit. Many people think it is worth the work to can because of its flavor.
Blazing Star Peaches

Ripens at the end of Red Haven season. Bright red color and a bit sweeter than Starfire. Very firm flesh; holds up well for transporting.
Star Fire Peaches

Ripens 5-7 days after Red Haven peaches. Bright red coloring. Very firm flesh; holds up well for transporting.
Vivid Peaches

Generally a large peach. Sweet like the Red Haven, but easier to get off the pit and to peel. Ripens 5-7 days after the Red Haven.
Veteran Peaches

Sweet peach. Excellent canning and freezing peach. Peels without scalding and is easy to get off the pit. Pick when it has a golden background color. The VETERAN peach is ripe when it has a richer golden color, the pit can be easily removed, and the skin peels off easily without scalding. They can be processed earlier if scalded. If canning VETERANS, don't be concerned about cutting out the discolored spots, these will disappear during the canning process. Cut out those areas where the texture is destroyed. Since VETERAN peaches are very sweet, we suggest using a light syrup. VETERAN peaches are also excellent frozen and dried.
Gravenstein Apples

Apples are tart. Used for applesauce and pies. They can be processed without further ripening.
Earligold Apples

Apples are sweet. Makes a light colored applesauce, and is our favorite for drying.
Bartlett Pears

Pears are picked before they are ripe to prevent them from becoming grainy and stringy. BARTLETT pears are picked when they are green in color. Allow 7-10 days to ripen; they will turn a yellow color. We have both the red and green BARTLETT pears, the only difference is their color. They can be canned and are excellent for drying.

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