We are a U-pick farm specializing in apples, peaches and pears. Peach varieties include: Red Havens, Starfire, Blazing Star, Vivids, Veterans, and few others. We offer Gravenstein apples and Red Clapp and Bartlett pear varieties. We also sell washed and dried hazelnuts & walnuts (in-shell or cracked) in November.

Harvest Information (recorded line): 503-647-5234

Important crop Update



Jossy Farms is closed for the season. Thank you to everyone for coming out this final year of peaches to pick, visit and say farewell. We are sad to see the peach season end and say goodbye to that part of our lives but we are excited for changes and growth in new direction. We will return next year with Apples and Pears.

Don't forget to come visit us for Hazelnut sales this November.

When life gives you, lemons make lemonade. When Mother Nature kills your lemon trees plant something else.
— Bob Jossy